How To Watch

Find The Right Way To Watch Excursion TV, Thats Right For You

One of the easiest ways to watch Excursion TV is our Web View. Click Ling Below. Sign in User name and Password. Enjoy!

Android APK

Excursion TV on Firestick

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To download 3rd party apps on the firestick we first have to download “DownLoader”. There are a few steps that we need to take before we can complete our tasks.
First, enable the Firestick to allow apps from unknown sources: 
Open the Firestick
Go to Settings > System > Developer Options.
Then select “Apps from Unknown Sources”
Turn the option to “ON”.
Now exit settings
Now add the Downloader App: 
Go to the home and select Search
Search for ‘Downloader‘
Select Download or Get
Wait for the download is complete notification.
Once downloaded. Go to Apps on the homescreen.
Launch the Downloader app
There it is. You are now ready to install the Excursion Tv app and get to watching premium IPTV.

Installing Excursion TV With Downloaderr

Once in the Downloader app select the input box to “Enter the URL of the file you want to download”
Click Next to close Pop up box
Click download and the file will download
Select Install once completed
Select Open once installation is complete
Excursion TV should now be installed and available in Fire TV
Log In and Enjoy

VLC Media Player For Windows

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  1. Simply download VLC Media PLayer
  2. After Installed – Open Program
  3. Top Menu Click Media
  4. Click Open Network Stream
  5. Insert the M3U list
  6. Click Play

Smart TV With Excursion TV

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Adding Excursion TV on a Smart TV is easier than you think.

1. Go to SmartTV
2. Find your TVs MAC address
3. Go to the top page menu and click “My List”
4. Find “Add external playlist links (URLs), with auto-update” about the middle of the page
5. Enter your MAC address and then paste your M3U list where it says “Link”
6. Click “Add Link”
7. Go back to you TV and open the SmartIPTV app.
8. Enjoy Excursion TV on your TV.